Recommendation committee HELIUS

Eric van der Burg, Alderman Care Amsterdam Township

Marjolein Verstappen, Vice president, director Zorginkoop Achmea

Recep Aydinli, President Sanitas Foundation

Khadija Arib, Congresswoman PvdA

 Prof. dr. Humphrey Kanhai, Gynaecologist, professor Obstetrics en Foetal medicine


H.E. Mrs Aanaa Enin, Ghanian ambassador
'Results of a recently completed GHAIA (Ghanaians in Amsterdam) study were as revealing as they were alarming. The said study showed that about 50% of Ghanaians sampled had high blood pressure and a whopping 80% were overweight, not to mention the significant number found to be diabetic. The frightening results point to the raw facts but the underlying causes are yet unknown. The purpose of the HELIUS study is to delve into the health status of the various migrant groups in Amsterdam in order to come up with proposal for adjustments in the health care and preventive programmes for residents in Amsterdam. The findings regarding Ghanaian residents will also be made available to health research institutions in Ghana where the incidence of these ‘silent killers’ is unfortunately the rise. I therefore approve of the study and duly urge all to fully participate in the study. I thank you.'