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HELIUS would like to thank the following organizations for their cooperation:

Ujala Radio, GAM TV, Soulhour TV, Quason K. Media Ministeries, Radio Godiya, Adom TV, Recogin, Akasanoma Radio, Ghanaian churches, Stichting de Witte Tulp, Stichting Cabo, Stichting Sanitas, Stichting Hakder, HTDB, AKM, ATKB, Elif: stichting voor Turkse vrouwen, HDV Mescida Aksa, Milli Görü? jongerenfederatie, Buurtparticipatie Bos en Lommer, Stichting Surinaamse vrouwen Bijlmermeer

Research method

In HELIUS, people between 18 and 70 years old are examined by research population through interviews and physical examinations. In the future, every five years participants will receive an invitation to participate in HELIUS. Also, the HELIUS data will be linked with registrations of, for example, hospitals and general practitioners. This way, light is shed in how health, wellbeing en care use develop.


Participants are invited by letter to participate in HELIUS. They are selected through a sample from the population register of Amsterdam. Participants are invited to sign up relatives for participation (this is only possible when the participant is not a signed up relative him- or herself). Relatives contain parents, brothers and sisters, children and partners in the age of 18 to 70 years old who live in Amsterdam as well. From this pool of relatives, some will be selected to be invited to participate in HELIUS as well.     

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