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Locatie Slotervaart

Locatie Slotervaartziekenhuis
Louwesweg 8
1066 EC Amsterdam

Building opposite the NKI-AvL. You can take the elevator to the research location on the first floor.

Please note: Because of construction work at our Slotervaart location, the availability of parking places is limited. To avoid delays, we advise that you use public transport to travel to this location. If you do come by car, please allow for extra time in case you need to wait for a parking place.


Route locatie Slotervaartziekenhuis

Public transport:

Halte Louwesweg:
Busline 18: Centraal Station – Slotervaart
Busline 61: Sloterdijk

Stop Plesmanlaan / Johan Huizingalaan
Buslijn 18: Centraal Station - Slotervaart
Buslijn 195: Station Lelylaan-Schiphol-Zuid

Stop Louwesweg / Johan Huizingalaan
Buslijn 62: Station Lelylaan-Amstelstation
Buslijn 195: Station Lelylaan-Schiphol-Zuid

Metroline 50: Isolatorweg to Gein.
Get out at the stop Henk Sneevlietweg. From that point it takes ± 10 minutes walking to the research location. You can also choose to get out at the stop Heemstedestraat and take line 2. Get out at the stop Louwesweg.

Tramline 2: Amsterdam CS to Nieuw Sloten. Get out at the stop Louwesweg.

By car:

If you are coming from the A10 take exit S107 Sloten.

If you are coming from the direction Haarlem/ Halfweg or Zaandam then you turn right at the end of the exit (Henk Sneevlietweg). On the end of the road you turn right (Johan Huizingalaan). At the traffic lights you turn left (Louwesweg). At the first exit you turn right, the entrance of the parking is on your lefthand.

If you are coming from the direction Utrecht, you turn left at the end of the exit (Henk Sneevlietweg). At the end of the road you turn right (Johan Huizingalaan). At the trafficlights you turn left (Louwesweg). At the first exit you turn right, the entrance of the parking is on your lefthand. You will find the entrance of the HELIUS researchslocation in the dark building opposite the entrance of the NKI-AvL( Nederlands Kanker Instituut – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek ziekenhuis).

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