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Ujala Radio, GAM TV, Soulhour TV, Quason K. Media Ministeries, Radio Godiya, Adom TV, Recogin, Akasanoma Radio, Ghanaian churches, Stichting de Witte Tulp, Stichting Cabo, Stichting Sanitas, Stichting Hakder, HTDB, AKM, ATKB, Elif: stichting voor Turkse vrouwen, HDV Mescida Aksa, Milli Görü? jongerenfederatie, Buurtparticipatie Bos en Lommer, Stichting Surinaamse vrouwen Bijlmermeer

Physical examination

After you have filled in the questionnaire, we will ask you to have a physical examination at one of our research locations. During this examination, all of the measurements will be taken by experienced researchers, research nurses, and research assistants. The examination will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you have not yet finished filling in the questionnaire, our staff members will help you with this. If this is the case, your visit to the research location can take a little longer. Below you will find a step-by-step description of exactly what will happen during your visit to the research location.

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